Geraldton and surrounds are having the most epic wildflower season we’ve seen in decades!  It is blooming marvellous up here and you still have time to come witness this amazing spectacle and immerse yourself in natures brilliance.

Basing yourself in Geraldton, there are a number of locations both in and close to town where you can witness hundreds of varieties of wildflowers.  Take a day trip just a 100km east (we can arrange that for you) and we guarantee to blow your mind at the sheer mass.

Like a colourful carpet stretching a 100 metres or so and winding their way through the trees, the pink, white and yellow everlastings are truly a sight to be seen.  Kath Bafile from Garden Travel Hub recently visited the wildflowers and said “I spent half an hour taking photos in just one spot at every angle possible, often with my head down and my bottom up! … but even without the benefit of those photos, the image of these flowers will last in my memory forever”.

Let’s not forget WA’s elusive gem, the very unique and rare Wreath Flower (Leshenaultia macrantha).  They only grow in small isolated pockets around WA’s wheatbelt and Geraldton’s sandplains and it’s like going on a treasure hunt to find these marvels of nature! Growing along just a 200m section of isolated gravel roadside, these wreaths still draw visitors from across the country, not because they are the showiest flower you will ever see, but for their uniqueness and the unanswered questions they incite.  Why do they only flower on the outside?  Why do they only grow in such isolated pockets?  Why are they not available commercially in our nurseries?

But wait, there’s more!  Banksia, Hakea, Grevillea, orchids and so much more are also in full bloom and you may even be lucky enough to have encounters with kangaroos, emus, echidna, cockatoos and eagles.  It really is a nature lovers dream here at the moment.

Image by Nishanth Dharmarajan via Instagram

Spring is our favourite time up here in Geraldton and the Mid West.  Beautiful mild temperatures, a countryside blanketed in colour, bountiful paddocks of crops and warm sunny days.  So jump in your car or on a flight and let us help you to experience the magic of a Mid West blooming wildflower season.

Offering Geraldton’s only luxury accommodation, we are here to assist you to experience Geraldton at its best.  We offer Wildflower Tours and Accommodation Packages to suit either self-drive or fly-in visitors.