09.11.18 - HMAS Sydney II Memorial

In my opinion, the HMAS Sydney II Memorial best memorial I have visited anywhere.  Not only is it stunningly beautiful with a wonderful outlook, every single element has such meaning.  You can’t help but transport yourself back to that fateful day.

The Dome of Souls – made up of 645 stainless steel gulls, one for each Crew member who lost their life that day.  The dome sits on 7 pillars representing each state & territory of Australia.

The Waiting Woman – a bronze statue standing against the ocean breeze, songfully gazing out to the horizon for her husband/son/brother/father to return.

The Stele – based on the standing stones concept utilised around the world as markers or graves, The Stele represents the ship itself.  Standing tall and proud, visible for many miles in all directions.

The Pool of Remembrance – upon discovery of HMAS Sydney in 2008, it was decided to add this final feature.  The floor of the pool is a map which illustrates the final resting group of the ship on the sea floor some 2,500m deep.

The Wall of Remembrance – a semi-circular wall made of West Australian black granite & gold represents the embracing of the nation.  The exterior of the wall bears a wave motif representing the Indian Ocean where the men now low.  The interior bears the names of each Crewman that lost their life.