03.09.18 - Day Trips from Geraldton

From the historic to the amazing natural wonders that surround us, here are 4 easy day trips from Geraldton.

Geraldton is surrounded by an abundance of things to do with so much readily available on our doorstep.

Here are just four day trips you can do using Geraldton as your base;

Abrolhos Islands

The Abrolhos Islands lie just a short plane flight away from Geraldton.  Situated 60km west, the Abrolhos consist of a cluster of 122 small islands stretching 100km, running north to south.  They are situated in the warm south flowing Leeuwin Current creating a marine environment meeting place for tropical and temperate sea life.

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Colourful huts owned by local crayfishermen gives the Abrolhos it’s unique character and make for amazing images when contrasted with the white coral islands and aqua blue waters.

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Image: Karl Monaghan Photography

Geraldton accommodation

With brilliant snorkelling right off the beaches in a reef system alive with tropical fish and colourful coral, it is an extremely exclusive experience very few get the pleasure to do.

Day trips are provided by Shine Aviation and we will happily book a trip for you when staying with us.

Greenough Leaning Tree, Greenough Historic Settlement, Walkaway & Ellendale Pool (103km round trip)

21km south (around 20mins) of Geraldton is what is considered THE Greenough Leaning Tree.  Buffeted by salt laden winds they are bizarre natural phenomenon and icon of the area, you won’t miss them all along the Greenough Flats!  While most are located on private property, they are easy to see from the highway.  THE Leaning Tree has a little parking bay next to it to allow you to safely take photos.  Look for the camera icon signage.

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Located a little further south along the highway, the Greenough Historic Settlement is a beautiful village which captures life in the 1800s.  It was the second inland settlement in WA and still standing are eleven buildings you can walk through including the first school in the area, Courthouse, Store & Churches.  Call in to the Visitors Centre & Cafe, collect a map and enjoy the self-guided tour, then a coffee & scone on the way out!

Geraldton accommodation geraldton accommodation

Head east toward Walkaway and have a drive around the small country town.

Continue heading east, stopping at the Mumbida Wind Farm to view the enormity of these structures.

Onwards to Ellendale Pool which is a beautiful natural pool formed within the Greenough River.  It is surrounded by beautiful gum trees and a rocky gorge.  Take a dip in the pool or take a walk along its edges.  Use the facilities to have a BBQ lunch, then return to Geraldton in the afternoon.

geraldton accommodation geraldton accommodation

Hutt Lagoon (Pink Lakes), Port Gregory & Lynton Station (200km return)

Our famed pink lakes are a sight to be seen and are located only 100km north of Geraldton.

The lagoon boasts a pink hue created by presence of carotenoid-producing algae Dunaliella salina, a source of ß-carotene, a food-colouring agent and source of vitamin A.

geraldton accommodation pink lake Hutt lagoon geraldton accommodation pink lake Hutt lagoon

Images by Joshua Miles Photography

The best time to visit the lagoon is either mid-morning or sunset.  The colour will vary from red to a vivid bubblegum pink through to a lilac purple colour depending on the time of day, season and the amount of cloud cover!

Port Gregory, recently named Australia’s Best Beach on the mainland (!!) is just over the sand dune from Hutt Lagoon!  This picturesque little fishing village is surrounded by 5km of exposed reef providing a beautifully sheltered bay within which to swim, fish or dive.

Lynton Station is back on the road you came in on and is a small working station settled in 1853 and was the first convict station north of Perth, with 60 convicts housed to labour at the local lead mine.  There are an array of convict buildings which have been maintained & restored to view.

Kalbarri (308km return)

Just an hour & a half north is the beautiful fishing village of Kalbarri.  Located at the mouth of the Murchison River, you enter along soaring oceanside cliffs.  Stop and walk out to some of the view points on the way in.

The town itself is a really lovely and laid back.  There are a couple of cafes and plenty of grassed areas along the river banks to take a rest.

Head out east to the Kalbarri Gorges and be ready to be amazed!  Over millions of years the river has carved a spectacular path through the landscape creating dramatic cliff faces.

You can experience the gorges from one of the many lookouts including the infamous ‘Nature’s Window’.  There are also many walks that lead you down into the gorges themselves.  On a warm summers day the pools at the bottom offer beautiful respite to the day’s heat.

geraldton accommodation Kalbarri gorges natures window geraldton accommodation Kalbarri gorges geraldton accommodation Kalbarri gorges

From July to October it is wildflower season and the park becomes ablaze with colour as the local wildflowers put on their show.  The park is alive with birds, particularly in spring.  You may also be lucky enough to spot a kangaroo or emu in your travels.

No water supply is available at the Gorges, so please ensure you have sufficient supplies on you especially in the warmer months.


Return back to Geraldton after a magical day of exploring our natural playground for dinner at The Lobby Restaurant and a well earnt stay in our Geraldton accommodation.

So there is just 4 awesome day trips you can do from Geraldton and with so much more on offer, why wouldn’t you consider a visit to our beautiful city.

The Gerald offers Award Winning accommodation in the heart of the Geraldton CBD, just a stones throw from the foreshore and cafe strip.  With the City’s only rooftop bar ‘The Old Man & The Sea’ what better way to finish a day than watching the sunset over the magestic Indian Ocean.